Live Broadcast



CPtech are partners with WiseDV in the development of the LVIS local broadcast systems and have trialed the system in the UK.

When sports fans go to watch a live sporting event, they enjoy the live game, and the excitement of the stadium. But many times they miss out on the detailed television coverage they get at home.

LVIS Interactive Wireless Media Player—offers 8 channels of live video, audio and data to individual sports fan at a live sporting event, enabling them to watch on-demand multiple-camera feeds, action replays, scores, and stats.


  • High Quality video on Ultra Sharp Hi Resolution 4.3″ index_image369digital LCD
  • Uses DVB-H technology for low power consumption
  • Broadcast cells are expandable to cover spaces from room size to golf courses with fast minimal infrastructure setup
  • Real-time action feeds from up to 8 cameras
  • Camera selection in your hand with touch of a button
  • Instant action replay from all camera angles
  • On-demand access to live sports statistics
  • Simultaneous viewing of other sporting events
  • Ability to capture live video feeds
  • Sports commentary on FM Radio
  • Download and watch Movies, Music and Pictures at home
  • Support Micro SD card up to 16GB
  • Movies, Music and Pictures at home
  • User replaceable battery pack
  • Download game subscription via internet
  • Light weight devices with easy to carry in pocket or hang around neck


  • Battery Life: Up to 7 hours of continuous Wireless – Live Play mode
  • LCD: 4.3″ – 16.9 TFT
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Size: 155 X 82 X 18.5 mm
  • Accessories: Earphone, A/V cable, DC adaptor, Case and strap
  • Optional: Stand, Infra red remote control
  • Connectors: Audio and Video output for connection to HiFi system
  • Stereo Headphone output
  • USB Port
  • PAL/NTSC standard